Scania R730 Streamline Tandem v 2.0

Scania R730 Streamline Tandem (1) Scania R730 Streamline Tandem (2)

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V2 of my Streamline Tandem is now available! A whole list with the improvments can be found in the rar file. Just read the README „smile“ Emoticon Like always i will not give any support for this truck!

Dont reupload!!!!!!!!!!!! Use original Link!!!!! Pmd files are all open……
Vabis wheel from the pictures is NOT included!!
Best Regards from Germany „wink“ Emoticon

Authors: Punisher, Hobbytrucker, GburekGarage


10 thoughts on “Scania R730 Streamline Tandem v 2.0

  1. TruckSimMods

    Scania R730 Streamline. Truck and Tandem

    Video review:

    Tested of version 1.19s

  2. Link is death

  3. Mr.Aspirin

    link doesnt really work


    Yeah the link is not working

  5. New link??

  6. Thanks 🙂

  7. 00:02:43.265 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/vehicle/truck/scania_s/truck_szare2.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/dif_spec_add_env/shd/decal_fallback_fblend_forward.sm3x.fso)

  8. The mod doesn’t work for me. I’m using Steam ETS 2 1.19x 64bit both DLCs (Scandinavia Going East)

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