Scania R730 van Triest


Skin is for 4×2 Scania
Wheel and Sunshield included

All files are open so modders and skinners can use, but please let the World see what You made of it

Author: Team ETS2Skins


15 Responses to Scania R730 van Triest

  1. A High Hamster says:

    amazing skin man! 😀

  2. Sebbe says:

    Super awesome, this is my favorite truck company. The skin looks great!

  3. Team ETS2Skins says:

    You’re welcome guys,

    Visit alos our fcebookpage:

    Team ETS2Skins

  4. Jeroen says:

    Please make this mod without the truckshop mod v4. Because it looks ugly an the real trucks too don´t have that ugly white light´s in the grill.

  5. Team ETS2Skins says:

    ‘There is no truckshop mod included in the truck, only the wheels and the sunshield

  6. DanielR says:

    FINALLY A VAN TRIEST SKIN. Theres S.Verbeek and now Van Triest! Yay

  7. Team ETS2Skins says:

    Thanks and don’t forget Weeda, Waasdorp, Nickoot and more, because they are there hahaha

  8. A High Hamster says:

    hey ets2skin team could you make this for the scania 08 made by 50k? that can be found here:

  9. MSrihardi says:

    I’ve made this skin for TCab for a long time ago but never released it to public

  10. Sebbe says:

    I agree, a Van Triest skin on the new Scania by Keda would look cool.

    Also Srihardi you plans to release the T-Scania skin at some point? it looks totally epic looking at that screenshot, and the T-scania is my favoruite truck at Van Triest, took a trip to Holland last year to see it at a truckshow there.

  11. Team ETS2Skins says:

    @ A High Hamster,

    Come and visit us at:
    and maybe 1 of us will reply on Your request,

    @ MShrihardi,

    Nice pictures and a pitty that You don’t bring Your work public, it is from high quality,

    1 constructive remark: the skin from Hovotrans is actually for Volvo FH and not fr DAF


    Team ETS2Skins

  12. Marcel says:

    Real cool skin i got it yesterday and i use it all the time now, for me the best skin ever made so far.

  13. tun3tz says:

    another link please.

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