Scania R730

Scania R730 (1) Scania R730 (2)

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Standalone Scania R730 Truck wit Interior, tuning and wheels

Authors: n-ruda, fastalex, ventures, deferz, axelro


7 thoughts on “Scania R730

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD test Video…
    It is not the same truck. Interior is not there. It’s an old Mod. i have tested it

  2. Authors: V8K-Blaine,n-ruda, fastalex, ventures, deferz, axelro

  3. ı Want v8 blaine scania mod with 1.18

  4. Gary Senker

    Yes the interior in the picture is clearly from V8K-Blaine’s Blue-Kingz Scania mod. Thank you for saving us some time again Mr German.

  5. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском

  6. Anastasescu Bogdan

    Who can help me with a problem.I have downloaded today this mod,it works perfect but i don`t have the interior that`s in the second photo.

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