Scania R_S Adons V4

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-Added new Cab 3 version
-Added new Front Bumper xt
-Added new Ext İnterior
-Added 4×2 lowdeck
-Added front bumber light
-Added front botomgrill
-Added front cab grill
-Added front grill&Light
-Added new sunvisor
-Added light bar
-Added doortrim
-Added window trim
-Added rear bumper
-Added chasis cover&Light
-Added Bulbar & paint
-Added Lobar&Paint
-Added Front Fender
-Added Rear Fender
-Added Lightbar
-Added crom headlights
-Added Multi leds
-Added police Lazer beacon
-Added horn

Tested 1.34x

Enjoy the mod!

you DON’T have the permission to upload it somewhere else.



4 thoughts on “Scania R_S Adons V4

  1. henk schutte

    having trouble can;t findt the truck at all

    1. TruckerMarc

      Henk it is a tuning pack for the scania next generation r and s series its not a seperate truck

      1. henk schutte

        i know but it won’t work in my game

  2. littlemaN

    I get a bad or corrupted alert in the downloaded directory. antivirus off

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