Scania Real Gearbox


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Realistic gearbox for Scania R 2009, Streamline and Scania T series.

Gearbox available:

8 speed + 1 reverse:
Opticruise GR875

8 speed + 1 reverse + retareder:
Opticruise GR875R

9 speed + 1 reverse:
Opticruise GR905

9 speed + 1 reverse + retareder:
Opticruise GR905R

12 speed + 2 reverse:
Opticruise GRS895

12 speed + 2 reverse + retarder:
Opticruise GRS895R

14 speed + 2 reverse:
Opticruise GRS905

14 speed + 2 reverse + reatarder:
Opticruise GRS905R

13 speed + 1 Overdrive + 2 reverse:
Opticruise GRSO905
Opticruise GRSO925

13 speed + 1 Overdrive + 2 reverse + retarder:
Opticruise GRSO905R
Opticruise GRSO925R

Tested on 1.16.2 version

Author: Igor Nitch

DOWNLOAD 17 KB Real Gearbox for Scania R and Streamline [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 10 KB Real Gearbox for Scania T [Mediafire]

DOWNLOAD 17 KB Real Gearbox for Scania R and Streamline [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 10 KB Real Gearbox for Scania T [Sharemods]

9 thoughts on “Scania Real Gearbox

  1. Wellington

    I can use with automatic gear ?

  2. igor Nitch

    @yes it work with automatic gear

    @admin can you remove the mod because i dont want publish it on oyher website thanks you !

    Original topic :

  3. You can. But automatic transmission is for children!

    1. ScaniaV8Vabis

      Or for those who have driven manual for so many years, that the joints in the arms are worn and hurt like a b****. I know alot of drivers that are very happy with the automatic system. Their heart is with manual, their body aint.

  4. Amazing job!!!! waiting for this for a while ( T series Gearbox) danke!!!!!

  5. Does it work with semi auto just asking as im disabled ? And cant use h shiter

  6. I should explain english not good i mean i dont have a h shifter but have semi auto enabled with keys thanks

  7. ^ Ianwigan I can confirm It does work with semi auto.

    In game some of the transmissions appear to be mis-labeled though, I couldn’t find GRS905R (14+2+R) listed. There seem to be too many variants with overdrive. I did double check, but it could just be me being ######…

  8. Very good gearbox mod big thumbs up.

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