Scania Real Gearbox


Realistic gearbox for Scania R 2009 and Stremline.

Based on real ratios and differential found on

Gearbox available:

12 speed + 2 reverse:
Opticruise GRS895
Opticruise GRS895R

14 speed + 2 reverse:
Opticruise GRS905
Opticruise GRS905R

Opticruise GRSO905
Opticruise GRSO905R

Opticruise GRSO925
Opticruise GRSO925R

Tested on 1.9.22

Igor Nitch


8 Responses to Scania Real Gearbox

  1. Bocko777 says:

    Thank you so very much .. I love it, great mod men ..

  2. ko says:


  3. IgorNitch says:

    Thanks Bocko777 !

    For the skin its personal i published it later

  4. b says:

    im gona test it wen i got my euro truck back

  5. Slim says:

    give me please the link for the trailer

  6. xsandr says:

    please the link for the skin?

  7. Ragebayne says:

    Works with automatic?

  8. EnKe says:

    thanks bro !

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