Scania Recovery Truck V2


YouTube preview

Truck trailers
Modified trailer (Broken Trailer)
Support for metallic paints

Remodelled cabin spoiler
Remodelled railing on the body
Remodelled top half of the body

Known issues:
Flares are incorrectly shaped at the rear.
Trailers do not change colours randomly (like AI)
UV Mappings



16 Responses to Scania Recovery Truck V2

  1. Богдан says:

    этот мод вылетает

    • LazyTrucker says:

      Make sure that you’re using 1.16 and no other mods.

      • Mercord7 says:

        1.16 is not even out, dude
        only 1.16 BETA !

        • LazyTrucker says:

          This mod is been tested and developed on the 1.16 Beta, so I can iron out any potential incompatible objects.

  2. djshrek26 says:

    Still needs a lot of work done to it seeing as 2 of the cabs are see through and the 3rd one has issues with paint jobs. otherwise its a good mod

  3. Verdi says:

    Here is some gameplay of it

  4. koloPL says:

    Only MAN ?

    • LazyTrucker says:

      I have plans to put all AI onto the dolly, as a trailer.

  5. CC23 says:

    How about putting all the different trucks in the game onto the spec lift as a tuning option in the shop, then use the truck being towed to pick up trailers with?

  6. josh says:

    thanks dev been looking for ages for a wrecker
    but only one question where do you pick up the trucks from

  7. Rene says:

    i don’t like the dolly but it is a nice mod

  8. Space Cam says:

    this is a nice mod but what i dont like is when you reverse the tow column can go through object BEFORE YOU KNOW YOU HIT AN OBJECT, if it could be more realistic BY FIXING THAT….. ALSO CAN YOU MAKE OTHER TYPES OF TRUCK MODS THAT THIS TOW TRUCK CAN PULL LIKE A TANDEM OR TIPPER TRUCK, BIGGER UNIT TO TOW would make it more interesting….

  9. Space Cam says:

    could the developer make another mod that let the whole truck from the cabin to tow body have the same metallic looks, in stead of having two different types of paint jods to it cabin with sheen and the tow body dry……

  10. Nathan says:

    Love this mod! when will the next release be? I cant wait!

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