Scania Reworked v2.0


Works on 1.6.x Not tested on other versions.



11 thoughts on “Scania Reworked v2.0

  1. Look man,for a long time i been wanting to leave you a feedback. I realy love what you are doing on the ScaniaR and i do hope you keep coming with updates on this .. But seriously can you please,PLEASE come up with some * 6X4X2 sideskirts * for this ? I’m still using the version before this.. and you couldn’t add any skirts or use any mods on it for the 6×2 6×4,coz adding anything,skins included that modified the front grill would not make the truck appear or if you used a mod with skirts it happend the same. So maybe you can fix that,or even better make some 6×2 skirts. Much love and respect for your work. Cheers bud ! <3

    1. I didn’t put this for download here, it’s an old version, i dunno who post this here…

  2. not my business, but there is V3.0 allready.. i dont know what version of game it work.. but if it work it is nice mod!

      1. WHAT I SAY!!?? 🙂

  3. It works fine on 1.7 Had no trouble with it. The 3.0 version is from earlier in february i think,since then another version was released. This is the latest. The 6x4x2 chasis has sideskirts now,classic,nothing fancy .. and the one on the right seems to have a little missing texture in it. Love the mod ..the fancy pipes ruined it a bit for me ( would’ve preffered some classic straight pipes chrome or not ) . Not sure if Dalyborr even reads this .. but if it does i hope he’s gonna add better looking sides and bring back the paintable front grill. Great work,keep it up 🙂

  4. Realy ? Oh #### .. and i was hoping you came up with a new version of this Reworked Scania R .. damnit .. Man i’ll be sad for a few seconds at least 🙁 Btw .. if you are coming with an update on this,i do hope you’ll keep in mind the few changes i suggested ? At least give them a thought. Thanks.

  5. Looks realy good .. iz that available to download ? Can you provide a link for it,please ? Thanks much

  6. is it stand alone ?? plz be stand alone

  7. @ skipper It is a standalone sorta .. all trucks in the showroom and all the Scania trucks you own will become *Scania R’s *. On the roads tho,you wont see this type of truck in traffic .. so it’s gonna be okay .. and NO 50Keda’s truck wont work while this mod is active sadly. Hope that was a good enough answer for you,cheers bud.

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