Scania RHD Curtains


Curtains for RHD Scania Streamline. Interior & Exterior views.

Credits to Marecek for original curtain model



5 Responses to Scania RHD Curtains

  1. Moonzee says:

    Finally! We need more mods like this around.

    • madpower says:

      yes…good quality…but one big issue…they can only be seen by english ou south african people…You think that is possible to do for streamline for left side?
      perhaps even with some curtins on bad and diferente colors:


      tanks for the good work…i would love to use them as well

  2. Leon says:

    Could you make the same one for Scania T LHD please? Im sure a lotta people would appreciate it, including me.

  3. Mr_Rude says:

    Yea whude be nice to see this too scania T 360

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