Scania Ristimaa Tiger


This truck obviously made by others who claims that it is their truck,

I don’t have any SCSUNlocker nore have i found this skin seen on the internet or on Truck Simulation websites!

READ THIS FIRST! Before filling the comments with Your dirt and sleese!

NOBODY OWNS SKINS! Everybody is free to make whatever he likes!
And if there is any simularity? That is a fact NOBODY can change!
For example if someone makes a Eddie Stobart skin and someone else makes the same (by the way there are a lot of Stobarts for Euro Truck Simulator 2 without creditting one and other) than You hear Nobody, OFFCOURSE NOT! It is an Eddie Stobart! (and Freddy Jimmink did not make it, so we have no-one to trip on!!)

So that means if i want to make a Ristimaa or Second bitch, Jens Bode or James S. Hislop skin than i am a thief? Answer: No! I make my version of the skin and i don’t have te credit anyone becaus it’s MY skin, only thing i have to do out of respect is, telling that someone else made the skin his way!

So next time if You ban me, that’s fine by me i don’t need You or Your site!
If You talh bad or dirty about me, it is Your responseblillity!

And be than so respectfull to DON’T place my work on Your site and DON’T
make it know at what soever way!

With alldue respect,

Credits for this Scania Ristimaa Tiger:
Scania Sound mod by Robisierra
Scania Chrome wheels by Freddy Jimmink
Sunshield_05 skinned by Freddy Jimmink
Scania Ristimaa by Freddy Jimmink

Freddy Jimmink Esclusive Custom Skins, The Netherlands


25 thoughts on “Scania Ristimaa Tiger

  1. A High Hamster

    Amazing skin man dling now :3 would you be able to make a van triest skin like this one (if you have the time of course)

  2. reddy Jimmink

    Thanks mate,

    I will try to make it, but indeed will take a while, because of time,


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Shoot! I forgot h F in my name,

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    I will make it Hamster but indeed it can take a while


  5. A High Hamster

    thanks man take as much time as ya need :3


    this paintjob is made by maghnetto

  7. Every time you post, stop posting those bullcrap statement, get on with your life. Instead of sitting on it!!

  8. Looking good brother

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks 87Granny, it is indeed a nice truck m8,

    And for our #### commenteers,

    Thanks for Your #### comments i think You have to learn reading!

    @ Strunf Show that it is the skin of Maghetto

    @ Dezuk don’t react! That means You noticed my statement! And it has Effect!



    1. Hes right, please stop it. Don’t have a novel as description everytime!

  10. Freddy Jimmink

    That is great! on another website 5 star rewardence! That is why i am skinning!

    1. Should probably go and learn English first =P

      1. Worst. Troll. Ever.

  11. Freddy Jimmink

    No, i am a very proud Dutchmn, and i don’t give (the next is left out by the author)about Your comments and waht You think about my Englisch!

    Yes if You call me a worst troll ever i call You the biggest ugliest twit on earth!

  12. Freddy, 1 tip;

    upload gewoon een skin met een goede beschrijving, zonder andere mensen aan te vallen en uit de tent te lokken. Des te eerder stopt al deze onzin.

    Vroeger maakte je mooie skins en was er niets aan de hand, je hebt je uit de tent laten lokken en nu loopt het erg kinderachtig uit de hand. Je bent heel wat jaren ouder dan de gemiddelde bezoeker hier, ik had verwacht dat juist jij je volwassen zou kunnen gedragen.

  13. Freddy Jimmink

    Admin, Is it posible if i place here on Your site a mod that You disconnect the comment section?

    I spend more time to answer stupidious things than i skin,


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. I can’t disconnect comment in one mod. Please ignore ###### answers 😉

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Thanks for Your answer sir,


        Freddy Jimmink

  14. Freddy Jimmink

    Learn to read mate, and mind Your ##### language!

    I DON”T LEAVE! clear enough?



  15. Just saying.

    Legal Fact:

    Skins are a work of art and fall under copyright law. If you replicate a unique skin someone has made they do have legal right to sue you (though who would bother? Too much expense involved.)

    As far as replicating real life liveries goes, it is technically an infringement of copyright and trademarks of the company.

    Several companies actually complained to Microsoft/Turn10 over user created liveries in the Forza game series that replicated their companies logos and liveries. They are now banned from being sold in the game through the auction house / store front, though they can’t stop them being made for personal use.

    So to make a claim that “no one owns skins” is not only wrong, it is a childish view point.

    Personally speaking, so long as a skin is recreated in it’s entirety and does not use the work of the original, I have no problem with it. If someone felt the need to replicate my work I would be quite proud they felt it was good enough to do so.

    1. company logo`s are copyrighted but the law on copyrighting states any difference such as a 33 % change which to you modders will know is nothing , as game is not online only mods they are classed as personnel use so no infringement or abuse of copyright has taken place if the game ever goes online will be different story , pleas before you bleet of the law make sure you know the law you are shooting your mouth of about

  16. Good work! Amazing skin! It is just like its model.
    Can you maybe do tuningparts what there is in real tiger?

  17. where you can side skirts for a 6 x 4 and all enclosed cabin color

  18. I’m not sure how copyright laws work in other parts of the world but in the UK. If you create something like a skin using your own design, that design is your intellectual property and you by default hold the copyright to said property. So for example if I release a skin of my own design and someone creates a skin that is identical to the last detail, they have broken the law.
    With companies it is only Illegal to use their design or image if you intend to make financial gain from the sale of their image, otherwise it’s perfectly fine.
    To conclude Freddy is wrong the creator of a unique design does own the design as their intellectual property and no one has the right to replicate it without written consent from the original designer.

    How do I know all this? Well a BA Hons in law helps.

  19. saw that truck today at Power Park in Alahärmä / Finland

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