Scania RJL 4 Series Interior

I just changed the texture, did not touch anything else. I hope the previous authors will not mind and I hope you enjoy the interior.

SCS. RJL. mrRayman2010. Zizu


4 thoughts on “Scania RJL 4 Series Interior

  1. I like the interior but where can i have these mirrors?

  2. krizzy090 skinworks

    You Stole my texture’s …. this is my texture’s you put on this interior from the 4 serie from rjl

    you didnt even ask for permission or added my name
    delete it or i will steal it back and put it on the workshop because those texture’s are mine

    i m not dumb and i know how skinning works so it was easy for me to find out it was stolen

    ask permission before you use someone’s work
    you can contact me on my email : [email protected]

  3. i dont see curtains

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