Scania RJL 5 Series Old Gauges R11 + Piva Display v 2.0

old-gauges-2 old-gauges-1

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Realistic textures to get the best visual experience.

Alexander Swift & Piva


10 Responses to Scania RJL 5 Series Old Gauges R11 + Piva Display v 2.0

  1. vovan84 says:

    Александр Swift…красиво и очень достойно создана приборная панель…плюсом озвучка женского голоса…молодец .очень очень круто получилось.суперская работа.(gut work)

  2. H.Trucker says:

    Hi, it works on all Scania trucks or only works in Scania RJL truck?

    • matpol98 says:

      RJL is the only truck who has this display, so yes, only RJL scania

  3. MilanScania says:

    Can you make this for 5 series new gauges?

  4. Ryan says:

    Piva, I really love your mod. Can you make something like this for Ohaha DAF XF E6, please?

  5. Francesco says:

    very beatiful compliments! 😉

  6. Fatih says:

    6-Serisi içinde varmı ?

  7. Raxolen says:

    please update

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