Scania RJL 5 Series Old Gauges R11 + Piva Display v 2.0

old-gauges-2 old-gauges-1

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Realistic textures to get the best visual experience.

Alexander Swift & Piva


10 thoughts on “Scania RJL 5 Series Old Gauges R11 + Piva Display v 2.0

  1. Александр Swift…красиво и очень достойно создана приборная панель…плюсом озвучка женского голоса…молодец .очень очень круто получилось.суперская работа.(gut work)

  2. H.Trucker

    Hi, it works on all Scania trucks or only works in Scania RJL truck?

    1. RJL is the only truck who has this display, so yes, only RJL scania

      1. H.Trucker

        Thank you so much matpol98 for your quick answer

  3. MilanScania

    Can you make this for 5 series new gauges?

    1. MilanScania

      It works… 😀

  4. Piva, I really love your mod. Can you make something like this for Ohaha DAF XF E6, please?

  5. Francesco

    very beatiful compliments! 😉

  6. 6-Serisi içinde varmı ?

  7. please update

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