Scania RJL 8×4 Tipper

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scania Rjl chassis 8×4 12 wheels
you have to choose the tower to have the skips

JDL TransLogis, RJL


25 thoughts on “Scania RJL 8×4 Tipper

  1. that’s work in 1.30/1.31??

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Yeah, but it’s a big fail. Like a mod by little kid.

      1. hansetrans

        make it better then. stop trolling

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          You write “stop trolling” while trolling. That’s funny.

          I know that I can do it better. But I don’t upload any sh•it 😉
          It’s nothing standalone. It replace other parts, because he is to lazzy to do it right. If I use a mod for me, it’s not important. But if I uplaod my stuff, I want to do it right.

          & now: STOP TROLLING 😉

        2. TheGreenlightTrucker

          But I think, you don’t know what “trolling” means 😉

          1. hansetrans

            show us your mods – you modding god

        3. TheGreenlightTrucker

          Ich lasse mich von dir nicht provozieren
          & ich muss mich nicht rechtfertigen 😉

          1. hansetrans

            so don’t have any good mods, so why u write like that.

  2. 1.30 ??

  3. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  4. Dadan97231

    I did not ask for your opinion I do not force anyone to download my mods because I notice that people who criticize do not do 3D so thank you

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      If you mean me: I do 3D since 18 WoS Haulin 😉 (2008) #baam

      1. UselessBanana

        nobody gives a ####.

      2. hansetrans

        oh yes that #### lights in the bumpers – very professional 3d works hahahahahahh

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          If you can read, you will understand, why I’m uploading this mod. But I see, you cant read. What about your work’s? Did you have one or is your only job stup•id comment? 😉

          1. hansetrans

            you are such a liar hahah german pig . I am a russian modder u pig

  5. Dadan97231

    I just had the mods that were stolen so it would have been for me I would never have shared so the useless comments out please

  6. Scaniaman2006 R620


  7. M.Echtwaar

    With this kind of mess Freddy Jimmink also works, you have nothing or it is stolen from someone else.

  8. hello, very nice, but please make Renault K 8×4 and Kerax

  9. Good work, keep it up 🙂

  10. Thank you mate, Super but back is 2 trailer?

  11. Not working for me anymore… cant see the point to add dumpster on it

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