Scania RJL Abroll Combo

– New chasis on SCANIA RJL R/S
– 4 Position of hook

– Owned Trailer
– 2 Type of chasis
– Own cargo
– Own Wheels

-Tested od 1.33

Teklic Stenly


9 thoughts on “Scania RJL Abroll Combo

  1. superbe travail, je vais tester cela.

  2. TheDarkTrucker

    No grill ?

  3. No grill…

  4. ne fonctionne pas avec le remorque dolly

  5. don´t steal mods!!

    great stuff taken from another modder!!! you don´t make this chassis and trailer by yourself,do you have permission from the original modder to share his work??

  6. Dolly Not Working , =Game crash

    Scania has no Grill

  7. Scania has no front lower grill and no option for one

    Click on dolly (trailer) to purchase and the game crashes

    Hopefully get this very poor mod fixed.

  8. Stolen mod….

    Do you learned the word Respect in school?

    Sorry but next time upload your own mods and not somebody elses work !!!!!!

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