Scania RJL Bruun & Nielsen (Denmark) Skin

bruun-nielsen-3 bruun-nielsen-2 bruun-nielsen-1

This is a nice skin from real life company, Bruun & Nielsen, Denmark. Lightbox included in a separate link. Download and enjoy!

Authors: ryaskins, lightbox – Fred_be, powerkasi)

DOWNLOAD 9 MB Lightbox

4 thoughts on “Scania RJL Bruun & Nielsen (Denmark) Skin

  1. nice truck my dad drive for this company

  2. cane you make a trailer for this company

  3. Good to hear that sfgame!

    I haven’t made trailers yet. Definitely a possibility in the future.

    1. nice but i can see the graphic are not so good but thats ok

      you are very nice

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