Scania RJL Holland Interior

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Mod Version: 1.35- 1.34 -1.33

Credits: RJl
İnterior edit: Samet Arıkan
All Cabin Hollland İnterior

Rjl & Samet Arıkan


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6 thoughts on “Scania RJL Holland Interior

  1. NordicTrucker

    Chrome says this contains malware??

  2. add holland style curtain like that one in scania r 2008 by 50k

    1. Samet Arıkan

      Thank You in a few weeks

      1. cheers bro 🙂

      2. Very nice inerior. I love it. Greetings from your neighbour??????

  3. Burak Cinar

    Sagdan direksiyon icin de calisiyor mu acaba?
    Iyi geceler 🙂

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