Scania RJL Interior v 2.0

Scania RJL Interior (1) Scania RJL Interior (2)

Interior for Scania RJL v 1.3 Truck



7 thoughts on “Scania RJL Interior v 2.0

  1. deineMudda

    looks good! 🙂

  2. Nice! what dds are for the doorhandles? I cant find it:(

  3. Trucker Melli

    thank you! sooooo much i wish a red/white interior for my “sarantos formula red” !iám stil waiting and hope…..

  4. BlackRooMafia

    I wonder for Scania R series interior please I would ask you please

  5. BlackRooMafia

    I wonder for Scania R series interor please

  6. super schön geklaut bei malcom37 das interiior ihr seid diel letzten penner und mod diebe

  7. how did u get the desk to have a black top and the sides are that creamish color

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