Scania RJL Lightbox

Lightbox-2 Lightbox-3 Lightbox-1

Lightbox For Scania Rjl Truck

Tested game version

Authors: powerkasi, ZERO922


16 Responses to Scania RJL Lightbox

  1. Openpipe says:

    Hi! Nice mod by the way! Is the trailer private? and what mod do you use for the interior? Thanks!

  2. BretangeExpress says:

    Please give me the link for the lights in the grill???


  3. Hbsll says:

    link ligth grill?

  4. fabiano says:

    Hello men …. nice mod!! work Scania Highline?

  5. nicoz says:

    link of mod for interior please
    thank you

  6. Huliu says:

    Realy nice truck can you give a link with waeco climate ?

  7. Melios says:

    Powerkasi-Zero922 can you help with my lightbox? I have it! The lightbox is white but the left and right side is blue……why? How can i fix it? Can you fix it? The same blue color is to the mirror light! Where can i send you photo to see what i say! (When i change skin, the blue color ……wear off. ….)

  8. mackaneizo says:

    Hello man! do u got an template for this lightbox? đŸ˜€

  9. Dddd200000 says:

    Please link for the front window plates? that would be awesomeee

  10. Emilio2308 says:

    Please update to 1.32

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