Scania RJL Skin Pack by speedy143

MDR-Transport JH-Yates Molloy-&-Sherry

3 Skins for Scania RJL Truck:
– MDR Transport
– JH Yates
– Molloy & Sherry

Author: speedy143

DOWNLOAD 627 KB MDR Transport
DOWNLOAD 244 KB Molloy & Sherry

7 Responses to Scania RJL Skin Pack by speedy143

  1. Elitesquad Modz says:

    Nice work buddy!

  2. zoso says:

    Nice! skins???
    ciao Speedy143??

  3. Fred_be says:

    Great job

  4. chefprutser says:

    Look’s verry nice good work!!

  5. wegger says:

    Very nice skins!

  6. Matt730 says:

    Hi Speedy143 great mods as always, big fan of your work! Will we see Templeton Superheroes or Avatar Scania appearing anytime soon? Thanks as always for the great skins!!

    – Matt

  7. jeremy says:

    hey kan er iemand een skin maken voor aub het lukt mij ni van de transporte frima tvt asse in belguim aub dank u

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