Scania RJL Skin Pack by speedy143

MDR-Transport JH-Yates Molloy-&-Sherry

3 Skins for Scania RJL Truck:
– MDR Transport
– JH Yates
– Molloy & Sherry

Author: speedy143

DOWNLOAD 627 KB MDR Transport
DOWNLOAD 244 KB Molloy & Sherry

7 thoughts on “Scania RJL Skin Pack by speedy143

  1. Elitesquad Modz

    Nice work buddy!

  2. Nice! skins???
    ciao Speedy143??

  3. Great job

  4. chefprutser

    Look’s verry nice good work!!

  5. Very nice skins!

  6. Hi Speedy143 great mods as always, big fan of your work! Will we see Templeton Superheroes or Avatar Scania appearing anytime soon? Thanks as always for the great skins!!

    – Matt

  7. hey kan er iemand een skin maken voor aub het lukt mij ni van de transporte frima tvt asse in belguim aub dank u

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