Scania RJL Toplights

Tested on 1.26.x
It may fit all cabins, but looks nice only with Topline ones
Thanks to zeeuwse and I hope he won’t get mad, all I did was to extract this parts and share them with you, because some of you asked me for them on scs forum



9 thoughts on “Scania RJL Toplights

  1. Super jmk! :))

    1. Le poti pune pe Weeda acum :))

  2. Top hadthethe side ones glow red…

    1. I don’t know how to make them glow orange.. maybe in the future I’ll find a solution

    2. Mak-Kyver

      irl those lamps give white to front and red to rear…

      1. Yes, or orange, it depends. I’ve tried to ”play” with mat files, but no success

  3. I like this mod but is it possible to remove the side lights? I only want the 5 on top..

    1. There’s already a mod for them, just search here, on, ”scania rjl toplights” and you’ll find them

      1. Thanks a lot man!

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