Scania RJL Topline Blue & Yellow Skin

Blue & Yellow Skin

This skin is tested on version 1.18.x
Should work on older versions too.

Have any idea of a new skin i can do? Make a comment and maybe i´ll do it.

Author: Spike Wingstedt (FotoSpiken)


3 thoughts on “Scania RJL Topline Blue & Yellow Skin

  1. torhelge68

    Håkull skin & A red white and blue Norwegian skin please

    1. FotoSpiken

      Hello there, torhelge68.

      I can maybe give it a try.

      Have a nice day from FotoSpiken.

  2. Hi there.
    How aboat Swedish Börje Jönssons Åkeri AB or Eurolink AB.
    Regards from Magnus

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