Scania RS Interiors by Malcom37 V1.0


Scania RS Interiors by Malcom37 V1.0 for ETS2 version 1.22

Scania RS Interiors
To Run this Mod you need this Mod ( Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.5 for ETS2 version 1.22 )!!!

Content list:V1.0
-Blue and White Interior for Topline Cabin ( Inside and Outside )
-Blue and White Interior for Topline EXC Cabin ( Inside and Outside )
-Blue and White Interior for Longline Cabin ( Inside and Outside )
-Standart and Vabis Stering Wheel
-Accessory Flags
-Accessory Table
-Accessory Light Picture for Cabin back Wall

Publishing mod ( edited or orginal )without my ( Malcom37 ) permission is forbidden!

Mod creator: Malcom37
Others:Zip Zalp(a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models)

The mod is tested in 1.22 without any other mods and it worked perfectly, game.log.txt was error free! Doesn’t work on older game versions.



43 Responses to Scania RS Interiors by Malcom37 V1.0

  1. knupke says:

    Is there a possibility for other colour combinations?
    I like this mod alot, but to be completely honest, I hate this colour combination!

    Still…. awesome mod nevertheless! 🙂

  2. Malcom37 says:

    More Color combination coming at the next update.

  3. xs says:

    Do we need cabin DLC for this mod?

    • Malcom37 says:

      No Do you Not need the Cabin Dlc.if you have the dlc you mußt activate the second scs Cabin assesories dlc addon for the Slots on the table

  4. Betyeta says:

    AMAZING! New favorite mod, amazing work!

  5. Trucker Melli says:

    great great work! thank you… my malmbergs finaly perfect!

  6. simon says:

    Great mod but mod have engine and V8 badge error.

  7. Malcom37 says:

    @Simon in this mod is no Engine or bagde Data!

  8. freiden says:

    Great mod!

    CAn you make your table compatible with SiSL’s Mega Pack?

    It would make the mod even more better!

  9. poiut says:

    Very nice work Malcom !!

    Just a small comment about a bug I found :

    When selecting a R topline cab with your interior , when the camera is on external view , you can see a very small piece of the interior going outside of the cabin on the right side of the truck… to be more precise it is between the mirrors and the roof, all along the right side.

    Anyway it looks great …I didn’t test it on my Scania T but I’ll do soon 😉

    • Malcom37 says:

      Thanks poiut for your Comment Abort the Bug,I fix IT!

      • леха 71 says:

        Подскажите . когда ждать исправлений ? Будем очень благодарны!

  10. Pawciu1532 says:

    Malcom37 I have a problem and do not know how well I think . How did you do to turn and see this whole slepeer because I can turn a standard Scania

  11. Thomas says:

    Hej great cabin but can you made the RS indicators _HD works on your cabin

  12. freiden says:

    Hello again.

    Your mod is disabling some features from RJL’s Scania T & Scania R Accessories ReMoled V8 R3.5 mod.

    When I but your mod in the higher priority at least two features disappears. The “tube” under the doors and the griffin and V8 badge at the door handles.

    When I put
    RJL’s Scania T & Scania R Accessories ReMoled V8 R3.5 in the higher priority your great interior not work properly.

  13. Bas Z says:

    Nice interoir!
    But when I use it my suspension mod does not work anymore.
    If I put the suspension mod above the interior I dont have a bed in the cab anymore.You see It fro the inside but not from the outside.

  14. Friedl_Transporte says:

    Hi Malcolm37, your mod is brilliant thanks for that.
    But I have a problem with that, sometimes shines the blue color in all possible colors.

  15. Jacob says:


    Its a verry nice mod
    but maybe can you make it compatible with this mod ??
    SiSL’s Mega Pack
    is that possible

    • kiliang40 says:

      is there a way to change the blue lights in the interior? can´t find a way to change it to green for example. can somebody help me?

      • kiliang40 says:

        have found the solution!
        thx for the great mod, only the passengers don´t fit to the seat, may be there is a way to fix that in the next update!

  16. nebsi says:

    Great Work!
    could u when u hav Time make it for 50K scania pls….
    With table and Dlc cabin acc…

  17. Mike says:

    I hope in the update will be a white/red and a full red interior,verry great man keep on the good work

  18. swe_macke97 says:

    fix interior light its not worikig as original interior both for rs and t

  19. m15ade says:

    hi malcom37

    Do like your mod its pretty Awesome

    had a play around now got it in red & black interior

    just a quick question .. can you make it with right hand drive

    ( don’t know how lol )

    thanks ..

    Adrian .. aka m15ade

  20. Johnny says:

    Plz update this awesome mod. 🙂

  21. Keith says:

    How do you make it work ? Tried every combination I can think of ? Is there something i’m missing ? I’ve got all the mods required for it to work but I just can’t get it to work in my Scania RS ! Some help would be gratefully received !

  22. scaniatrucker73 says:

    Please update this mod for 1.23

  23. Lyna says:

    why hello ke game crash when I put accessories? Can you help me please malcolm?

  24. Dylan E says:

    plz update this awesome interior @malcom37 :c :c

  25. kevstar66 says:

    Can you make this for 1.23? @malcom37

  26. simon008 says:

    wehre coll wenn dir Gardienen weiter vorner sind und paar sachen mit einbauen navi usw

  27. Ipgaxx says:

    Can you make this work on SCS Scania? please?

  28. Leo Salvatore says:


  29. Betty's Workshop says:

    Dear malcom37
    Can I use your model from this mod
    to make custom cabin and only use by me

  30. Icey says:





  31. Lukas says:

    Hello Malcom37 can you make your interior for version 1.26.1 please it would be nice

  32. Kfkd says:

    Can you make it for 1.27?

  33. Strahil says:

    Can you please update this for 1.27?

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