Scania R,S (Next Gen) Deep V8 Sound

Deep V8 sound for Scania R,S Next Gen.

– Mod should work on any version of the game that support scania next gen trucks..!!
– Put above your next gen truck mod if any.
– Dont forget to select 520 hp v8 engine or above at the sevice room so that the mod work perfect.
– Also mod includes Yellow interior dashboard light for both R,S Next Gen Scania trucks, of course you can feel free to remove the interior files in the mod if you dont like it..
-Thank you for downloading!!! Enjoy = )



5 thoughts on “Scania R,S (Next Gen) Deep V8 Sound

  1. video?

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.34

  3. TopEngine

    1.34 HD Gameplay Video:

    Thank you for share!

  4. I like truck

    Fake sound -_-

  5. PokutaXTreme

    Great Work ! I hope will be on 1.35 🙂

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