Scania RSJ




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  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    The truck is absolutely NOT RSJ!

    The Bob Marley was a real HOVOTRANS truck based on an older scania type


    Fredy Jimmink

  2. Paulo Félix says:

    Hello !!!
    the Hovotrans is not there … this trucks is now Portuguese and company RSJ


    Paulo Félix

  3. AnDyWoL says:

    It frezes my pc

  4. BartvHam says:

    That’s right, after all the bankruptcy-issues at Hovotrans, this one has been sold to Portugal.

  5. Dementia says:

    Freddy, it’s 2013 now, old timer.

  6. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I know it is 2013 mate,

    And it crashes my game constantly


    Freddy Jimmink

  7. AnDyWoL says:

    Dose same to mine tried it with 1.1.1 and 1.3.1 crashes both

  8. BartvHam says:

    Well, I downloaded this 51mb skin to check what’s in it, and it contains a sh*tload of stuff, so it’s probably made to use with only the accessories that are in the (locked) mod, and incompatble with many other mods.

  9. Jens S says:

    Where can I find the curtains, looks nice!

  10. BARROSA_VABIS says:

    now improved, and not the game freezes

  11. AnDyWoL says:

    So If a download it now it won’t freeze?

  12. AnDyWoL says:

    Yeh it’s fine now but the only problem that I have found is when you do all the addons then u put the table on then put the laptop on then everything turns red and moves to the left

  13. Kokaz93 says:

    thats reason i love my country GO RSJ

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