Scania S 2017 Low Chassis v 1.0

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Truck comes with a lot of chassis options,normal paint/methallic option / personal colour

– Truck is AO baked
– Chassis options : -Chs 6×2 midlift -Chs 6×2 Taglift -Chs 6×4 Taglift -Chs 4×2
– Interior : Standard interior
– Exterior plastic parts can be switched to coloured parts / Grill included
– Truck sounds
– Truck template: comes in 2 versions : PSD file and PNG file
– Truck working with all DLCs of tunning (Scania DLC) and interior accessories



5 thoughts on “Scania S 2017 Low Chassis v 1.0

  1. jorgent97

    video test 1.27

  2. now good truck mor parts for scanioa s is now tuning

  3. The truck looks very good. But my fps went from 30’ish to 9.

  4. Not bad, just the sound of truck like an asthmatic old man.

  5. lol, it’s just another REUPLOAD of the same low scania that was out first, it’s even the same picture and same horrible sound and dont forget the same bugs on the interior addons. If you add a curtain then you can see it from 3rd person view if you move around truck. Dont download it. Fail copy-cat.

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