Scania S – Axo Haulage LTD Skin Pack [1.32]

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PLEASE READ – To use this mod, click on the download link to sharemods below and download the file. Once downloaded it will be a direct internet shortcut to the Axo Haulage Skinpack on the Steam workshop. Then subscribe, rate up and favourite the mod there. Then go into your game, mod manager and enable the skinpack. Enjoy.

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-Axo Haulage LTD Skinpack-

-The skinpack includes skins for:
–Scania S Normal, Highline and 8×4;
–All owned trailers except for flatbeds

–SCS Software – This awesome game and Wiki sources
–Marin Malnar – ETS2 Studio
–Various textures from all over the web
–Various font types from all over the web
–VictorSE – Creating this skin
–Axoman Gaming – Video Showcase & skin made for him

-Programs used:
–Photoshop CC 2015
–ETS2 Studio

-Don’t forget to Subscribe, Rate and Favourite this skin!

-If you have any issues with this skin, add me on Steam and send me a message, my profile is public!
–I am always opened to suggestions!


VictorSE, Axoman Gaming YT


7 thoughts on “Scania S – Axo Haulage LTD Skin Pack [1.32]

  1. Canarinho

    Amazing! Can you make a download version?

    1. No

  2. I did not understand what we have to download?
    Advertising for steam and making donations?
    this is allowed by the forum ??

    1. All you have to do is click on the download link, download the file there. Open the file which is a shortcut to the steam workshop then subscribe to the mod there. This means u will get future updates on the skin.

  3. Instead of downloading the file just visit this link to the workshop –

  4. Thanks Jeff for your explanation.
    My questions are protests because this method is incorrect is prohibited by
    forum. I do not use Steam (like many other friends) and I do not have to be forced by anyone to register me on other forums.
    What do you think about it?

  5. Stephen Butler

    I suspect that the so-called ‘download link’ is nothing more than a cheap way to get people to click on your website, thereby generating ad revenue blah blah blah…it’s all about money, I’m afraid, because they don’t make any money from Steam Workshop downloads. x

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