Scania S Legend Skin

-Scania S Legend Skin + Owner Legend Trailer Skin
-High Cab Only
-Test On 1.32x-135x

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3 thoughts on “Scania S Legend Skin

  1. very nice skin. The letters ‘the legend’ has to be a bit lower to be perfect!

  2. ismail ozdemir

    I like this skin very much. I have been lokking for this kind of skin. The problem is that, I like driving 8×4 and this skin is not suitable for this chassis. If mode developers make it for 8×4 chassis, I will be driving with this skin forever….

  3. ismail ozdemir

    Heide Logistic has another truck with a spectecular skin. There is a wolf on the hood. If you develope a new mode espacially for 8×4 skin, I will be so glad.

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