Scania S Long Line v1.0 By ArYaN_EDIT

Mod Scania S long Line For ETS2
Mod Addon Eugene Scania Ng Pack

1own Cabin
1 own Chassis
6 own Interior
Dlc Mighty Griffin Ready
Dlc Cabin Ready
No Frame Drop
Just 1.39 Support

here Next Generation Scania P G R S:

Scs Software,Eugene,Aryan_Edit


19 thoughts on “Scania S Long Line v1.0 By ArYaN_EDIT

  1. sehr schick aber version 1.39 baut sich nicht auf bzw spiel bleibt komplett hängen

    1. Aryan_Edit

      Hi, thank you for your comment
      I tested the mod in version 1.39 and did not any problems
      Please disable all your modes and try again with only this two mods.
      Sorry for my english
      Have Fun.

    2. Work fine to 1.39 😉 you must learn… HOW.. use Mods 😛

      1. do you need eugene scania ?

  2. make it for stock scs next gen 2 dont use eugene

    1. Aryan_Edit

      Hi, thank you for your comment
      I use eugene mod for make it better and more tuning

      1. nice mod !! are you able to correct the length of the cab tho so we dont have trailers hitting the rear of cab and the line detail above behind the side window is not on the actual truck thanks for making this mod

  3. Driverstein

    this is a great mod,works fine with Eugene’s Scania.just put it above!

  4. Geat job please skin

  5. Respected,@Aryan_Edit, thanks for sharing your work! Could you post your work for version 1.38 or just remove the compatibility line from the manifest? I’ll make the compatibility mod for 1.38 myself. I would never ask for help, as I can edit mods, but you ruled out this possibility, in this I understand you. The fact is that I will not update my game for a while, I really do not like update 1.39, in any case, until the modders update the sounds and maps that I am used to. I ask you about this solely for my game. Thank you for understanding.

    1. Aryan_Edit

      Thanks for Your Comment Dear Friend
      I Understand What You’re Saying, but I made this for 1.39, so in the New Version of Eugene Mod, Maybe He Added Some New Tunings That The Previous Versions Did Not Have.
      If You Want, send Me a Telegram or Instagram address, then I can send the 1.38 Compatible Version To You.

      1. Why isn’t the message being moderated? If I violated something, please report it, otherwise, please handle it. Thank you.

  6. hello comment on installe le mod stp? chez moi ca fonctione pas pas, uniquement les mods de steam fonctione. merci a toi 🙂

  7. Magnus Johan Tårnes

    Hi with this mods when I hit the game menu then the game crashed

  8. Richard Bakker


    why is the template not good?

    Skin stretched out :O

  9. hi dear aryan.
    i wounder if its possible to get template for longline

  10. Hi,
    how i can add a new sunshield to your cabin?
    I need the name of it for the “suitable_for” line.

  11. AFM-Warpig

    Update ^^ 1.40 🙂

  12. can we expect an update to 1.40?
    used the mod on 1.39 and was one of my favorites and i really miss it

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