Scania S Low chassis/Air suspension

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For Scania S by SCS
Chassis 4×2 lowered and air suspension
press “u” for suspension
Only for 1.30.x beta!
All chassis next version
Scania R in next version
do not reupload

KiLLeR Modding


9 thoughts on “Scania S Low chassis/Air suspension

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30….

  2. It doesn’t work….How to make it work??

    1. Yes, that´s right. Does not work, not with U, not with any other Touch on the Keyboard.
      Thanks for Help…

      1. I’m use the “U” but after that, my truck stock in the road and don’t move, what happening? Thank you.

        1. I have the same issue, Pressing “U” then the Chassis is lower but no way to drive the Truck, It gets stucked.

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  4. Inability to travel…

  5. muy bueno

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