Scania S New Gen Tcab V3.1

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Change.log V3.1

– added wrecker chassis
– added horn nodes
– added ladder node and ladder addon (rear)
– load pack by cyrusthevirus adapted to wrecker (original mod has too heavy loads)

If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me:

truck: Azorax Modding, SCS, FlemmingV
loads: Azorax Modding, CyrusTheVirus (Integration, conversion to trailers and upgrades), DragonModz (Broken Man bus), Seagull (Broken Mercedes Actros), SCS (Broken American Truck & Scania 6x), RoadHunter (Broken down city bus).


10 thoughts on “Scania S New Gen Tcab V3.1

  1. AzoraxModdingGaming

    Links not working already reported to admin but here are links:

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming

    for downloading links remove the: %20-%20truck and %20-%20loads out of the links and they will work fine

  3. Unknown Unknown


    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      works all good from my side

  4. para que vercion es

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      English please?

      1. for which version he meant

        1. AzoraxModdingGaming


  5. Hi,
    I’m fairly new to ETS. I love the mod. The truck keeps jumping when I load it. The rear most wheel just keep spinning and the truck barely moves an inch. When first downloaded the mod it asked to replace the old file, which I did and the issue was there. I redownloaded and tried again without replacing the original file and yet the issue continued.

    Hope this is helpful.

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