Scania S NextGen – Black Amber (Limited Edition)

Scania S NextGen – Black Amber (Limited Edition)
Work only High Cab.



3 thoughts on “Scania S NextGen – Black Amber (Limited Edition)

  1. So first i put all the mods in this in this pack in my mods folder and started up the game, and it crashed, i then un-selected one mod and loaded up the game again and it crashed again, the game contiued to crash until i was left with only the skin left in the load order, and it does not show when i go in to the shop to choose it.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Do not activate both mods interior.
      Tested in 1.34 & 1.35 and it works perfectly.

  2. danulik72

    not working, nothing at all will be shown in the game-password protected-please allow access.

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