Scania S – Nordic by l1zzy


Works with: 1.31.x & 1.32.x

Hope you like it.



5 Responses to Scania S – Nordic by l1zzy

  1. JoachimK says:

    “Works with: 1.31.x & 1.32.x”

    Truck= only 1.31 because using the old Painting System.
    For 1.32 there is a new System to repaint the Scania R+S

    Sunshield= don´t work, because he is not registerd in the Truck.
    And also not to see in 1.32

    • hans says:

      thats since 1.31 already 😉

      • Guest says:

        SCS changed it in 1.32 again. It doesn’t work with 1.32! Sideskirts, fender and back bumper are not set properly.

  2. Bender0187 says:

    Doesn’t work in 1.32

  3. fmad23 says:

    l1zzy can you fix please your great skin- dont work in 1.32

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