Scania S P.Visser

skin for Scania S 2016 highline cab P. Visser with lightbox ,bullbar and wheels paint; mods needed :Big Lightbox Scania S&R Next Gen v 1.2,Trux Highway for Scania NextGen S/R by DimDoum 87x,Abasstreppas wheel pack 3.0,Sideskirt custom Scania 2016 S and R,Badkarma Customs Accessory Pack for RJL & Scania 2016,Scania NextGen Middle Exhaust v1.0 1.34.x,Scania S/R – Bad Eyes Evil Eyes,Lobar Scania Next Gen V2,light and accessory by Powerkasi,link for big lightbox: …,for the roof rack it’s a paymod(same think for trailer) you can find it here: or to remove the spoiler the Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Siperia can be used.Big thanks to Kerstens Modding and DaStig Custom Workshop for base mod,you can share this mod on other site BUT USE ONLY THE ORIGINAL LINK,RESPECT THE WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE !!!!

Kerstens Modding, DaStig Custom Workshop,Leonox


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  1. No idea why I in the credits of this mod, but I have nothing to do with this at all …

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