Scania S & R Next Gen Accessories Chrome v 1.1

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Hello my friends
Scania S & R Next Gen Accessories Chrome v1.1

_all Side Skirts Chrome

_all Rear Fender Chrome

_all Front Bumper Chrome

_all Front Fender Chrome

_1 Top Lights Chrome

_1 Windshield Frame Chrome

_1 Front Mask Chrome

_Headlights Stock Chrome and Exclusive Chrome

_Main Mirrors Chrome Luxury

_Side Panel Chrome

_3 Rear Bumper Chrome
Tested: ETS2 1.34


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18 thoughts on “Scania S & R Next Gen Accessories Chrome v 1.1

  1. I hate the chrome accessories.

    1. normal people do not pay attention to something they do not like, and do not leave comments

  2. and we dont care about you so #### off daniel #### our big dicks nobody force you to download it

  3. GTR, Thanks for your Update. 5*

    @Daniel- Useful Critic=OK,
    but your Spam you may hold for you.
    Don’t like, don’t download, don’t spam…

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      i dont know whats funnier him complaining or you being a hypocrite Joachim

      1. You should know, that we have in Germany or Netherlands the Right to say, what we think.
        So, we are not hypocrite or fool. We say only the Truth…
        I’ve reading also some Replies from you, where I can also ask the same. 😉
        But here are too many Peoples with senseless Comments. 🙁
        Spend nice Easter with your Family…

        1. if you are from germany you can #### hitlres #### you ####### nazi #### you and you re nazi country #### my #### #####

        2. AzoraxModdingGaming

          you hate on car mods, and hes hating on this mod so he is technically speaking what he thinks, he is speaking his version of the truth…

          1. Thank you for your reasonable comment. Everyone can criticize freely. Moreover, I did not attack the mod producer or this mod. I just said I hate chrome accessories. It’s that simple.

  4. iTzSplashed

    Hella ugly xD

  5. #### !! This is nice Thanks !!

  6. Keith Bulmer

    Do you provide sunglasses as well!!!

  7. I like chrome accessories. It’s really true! But this is much to much!
    With a truck that looks so, I would not drive longer than five minutes. But I know that you had a lot of work with it. And that’s why I would not want to talk bad about it. Thumbs up!

  8. Paulicek1

    What about all chrome truck? 😀
    That would be great. (y)

  9. Helló! Nice mod Thank you!

  10. now all its missing is a chrome cabin

  11. rear 1/2 fender chrome ?

  12. Justin idea

    Cannot add parts to front bumper, mudflaps etc, but nice job, maybe an alloy look as well?

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