Scania S Series + Interior v 1.0

YouTube preview

side curtain
glass windbreaker
doorway chrome logo
scania chrome logo on side windows
rear group lights
back light and bar
double light on top of cup

fixed link for vehicle parts



3 thoughts on “Scania S Series + Interior v 1.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. I mean it’s great and all but it kinda permanently places every item onto the Scania S, wouldn’t it be smarter and better to put them as seperate parts for us to attach onto our trucks ourselfs? I would love it to only have the CB Radio and the back red LED lights as seperata attachments 🙂 Cheers

  3. nice mod!
    Simple specification with good mod with wearing accent-like parts focused only on points.
    But side curtain is too big to hinder visibility when checking left and right.
    Also, some parts are displayed on scania R (next gen), which has bad influence.
    We hope to improve them.
    When updating, increasing the curtain variations makes it a better mod.

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