Scania S Series + Interior v2

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Update 1.31x
Kelsa parts added
fixed curtains inside
added external side objects
fixed shadow error
added new entities inside
more slots

vehicle parts (OBJE LİGHT)

side curtain
glass windbreaker
doorway chrome logo
scania chrome logo on side windows
rear group lights
back light and bar
double light on top of cup



6 Responses to Scania S Series + Interior v2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    texture errors. Interior parts are purple.
    please fix SrqN 😉

  2. hans says:

    Reflection material is missing!

  3. MarLIN says:

    Mr.GermanTruck says:FAC YOU GEY BOY SUC MY DIC KISS MI ###

    • David says:

      @MarLIN: You look like an attention addict, really inappropriate behaviour. Please keep it nice, or leave this site forever.

      The crew of the site should ban you for this.

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      correct, i say it to your Mom 😀 muhaaaa 😛

      • iamgood says:

        hahahahahahahaha,that was a true LOL , i love you german truck from israel ♥

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