Scania S580 Tandem Hansen v1.1

– Fixed missing texture for the top beacons
– Correction for obsolete trailer definitions
– Updated the toy gps display
– Updated dashboard colors

– Truck is adapted for version 1.48.5
– 1 BDF Trailer
– Full Standalone
– Full Lightmask
– Full animation
– Throbe lights for the headlights (press letter O to activate)
– Support SiSL’s Mega Pack
– Personal wheels
– Has interior tuning



6 thoughts on “Scania S580 Tandem Hansen v1.1

  1. a stolen truckmod as large as a map , no thanks

  2. Where can i find the trailer ore did i need another bdf mod?

  3. He forget to put it togheter in a zip file…

  4. It’s not tandem, it’s full trailer

  5. Emil Redder Brunslev

    tihs is no trailer

  6. clubbingB

    sorry , the bdf Trailer is not in ” ?? so so sorry . Very nice Sound !!!

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