Scania Skåne Edition Metallic Skin

Skåne Edition Metallic skin for the Scania by RJL V2.1
only for Topline
Mod includes two versions of the skin.
Don’t reupload it on other site with an other link.
Respect the original link !!




14 thoughts on “Scania Skåne Edition Metallic Skin

  1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

    why do you lock your mods? I wanna make a small change to this skin so it looks the same as a truck Ive seen irl. would be nice with a unlocked version

    1. yeah !! The same goes for me to !!

    2. Making Daniel Leeks truck ;)? the one with Holland style ;)?

      1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

        that’s right! 😉 so you’ve seen his truck too?

    3. biggy smalley

      Because too many steal make one small change and say it is theirs so they can upload and get credits. Little piggies everywhere now. Besides, so easy to make your own skin.

      1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

        if its so easy to make this skin, why dont you make one for me thats unlocked?.. cuz Ive tried and its hard as #### to get the feathers right.

        1. It’s right Biggy smalley
          you speak of the difficulty you have to create feathers
          but it is very easy to just copy a skin created by other authors
          make a small change, and you have become a master
          °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°°
          only people without a brain block the mods
          SCS-Ets2studio are free for all

    4. Open google search then type this in search area: scs forum d a r t then open the link you get to SCS forum for DART and download it and then open the dart and add the file you wish to unlock and it’s unlocked. I have not found any files it cannot unlock.

      1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

        Thanks man!! That worked perfectly 😀

      2. yeah !! Thanks !! 🙂

      3. Piratxxx11

        You are really F*CKINg #######!!! Why post this??? Unlocker its PROHIBITED!!! #####!!

        1. Are you just dense? It does not say that we are not allowed to edit for PRIVATE USE! Quote from Modder “Don’t reupload it on other site with an other link” Thats all. About the D A R T, then go whine on SCS forum, it’s them that allowed this tool.

          1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

            Just ignore him (Piratxxx11) :D…
            Hes just another ###### who doesnt know what hes talking about 😛

      4. biggy smalley

        You do them no favor giving them this tool. Now they just ask everybody else to do everything for them, never learns anything. The Eagle wing logo and vabis eagle logo are both on google images.Sad spoiled generation.

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