Scania Smerfs skin

Author: rossu


5 thoughts on “Scania Smerfs skin

  1. Why isn’t it working? I can look in to it..

  2. It doesen’t work with some other mods..

  3. Johan Wiqvist

    This work perfectly fine for me, also together with a lot of other mod’s.

  4. i Know it won’t work with some mod(dont know the mod yet) cause i had the same problem myself. Then it only changes colour, but won’t show smurfs. Will try to find out what mod does that.

  5. Johan Wiqvist

    This mod works great as I said above, but little strange, so does it not work together with the Volvo Smurf skin installed at the same time. The Scania one loose the head of the ‘old Smurf’ and some other details change. So they can not be installed at the same time, at least not on my computer, it can of cource also be that it was some other mod made it not to work. But when I removed the Volvo one the Scania one worked again, so it seems to be that. May you can look in to it Rossu, thanks on forehand. And keep up this work, I liked them, they are funny and a bit different.

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