Scania sound mod


Sound Mod For Scania R and streamline High Geared 8 Speed Transmission Only interior sound.exterior sound default by game.
only test on V1.10


SCS and all modder ets 2


12 thoughts on “Scania sound mod

  1. lawrence0v0

    password is?

    1. jameswied

      I am sory I am not give pass,realy sorry

    2. jameswied


  2. Deejayfly

    Passworld is?

    1. jameswied

      I am sory I am not give pass

    2. jameswied


  3. adi2003de

    wth do you have a def path if you don´t use it ?

    1. jameswied

      sorry I forget delete def path,before i use def path for increase vol.

  4. your mod is a piece of ####….like you, you upload it with a password, you think your sound mod is the best one.

    1. jameswied

      o…. #### don’t use this mod! you #### i want kick you mouth

      1. i dont need your password dwarf monkey coz your work such a piece of trash. go, keep your mod inside your assssss…….

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