Scania Sounds


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Three alternative exhaust type for Scania.
Include R,Streamline V8 and 6 cylinder motor.
It is not somethink new there is a lot off Scania sounds but when you are bored a sound you can use this.

Author: Volidas


7 thoughts on “Scania Sounds

  1. Trucker Melli

    wieso schreibst du in der beschreibung für scaniaR streamline und 6 zylinder?? ist nur für streamline!!

  2. in pic,which tuning mod?

  3. Nice work Volidas! But air horns are not working. Can you fix that?

  4. nice sound dude… what suspension mod/config are u using in the video?

  5. great sound as always.also could you make a v8 sound for the scania t longline blue eyes if so would be very good of you.
    many thanks

  6. Is it possible to increase the exhaust volume?

    1. put youre volume higer

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