Scania S&R CMI Brown & Beige Interior

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Scania 2016 Brown & Beige Interior.
-Works with S and R version.
-Exterior/Interior view.
-Several steering wheels to chose from.
-2 variants, one with no exterior view and one with.
-Tested on 1.32 !
Do not reupload! Share with the same download link!

SCS, Carmichael


10 thoughts on “Scania S&R CMI Brown & Beige Interior

  1. Swedish_Legend

    ###….. This Interior is AWESOME !!! i Like it *Thumbs up *

    1. Carmichael

      Thank you! Enjoy 🙂 .

  2. ysy770724977

    Well done! God-like teammate

    1. Carmichael

      Thanks 🙂 !

  3. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing interior!

  4. İndirdim ama hata verip oyundan atıyor nedeni ne olabilir acaba cevab larinizi bekliyorum

  5. Raymond Larsen


  6. Hi+How+do+I+install+the+Mod+pls,+I+can’t+see+a+scs+file.

  7. How intall it? i can see scs file

  8. iiCanada0_Lawz

    Is this interior on steamwrokshop? If not it should be.

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