Scania STAX concept

Author: newS,

8 thoughts on “Scania STAX concept

  1. Scania R1000 concept please

  2. Very nice truck, thanks

  3. arash bagheri

    wow…your site is very very good.
    I need mack vision or kenworth or peterbilt truck for ets2.please help me.
    thank you very much.

  4. Thank’s! I know what peterbilt truck has not been created so far.

  5. arash bagheri

    I like this trucks.
    please creat them.plz plz
    thank you

    1- kenworth :



    2- mack :

    3- peterbilt :



    Plz Make A Mack Truck!!! Its My Fav Truck Of All Time!

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