Scania Stax

Scania Stax (1) Scania Stax (2)

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Purchase dealer Scania 3 slot, large dealer shop.
Prescribed in the company.
There is not much tuning, blinds, Navigator.
Not compatible with other mods

Authors: Brain Cr., by_newas, Idor4


8 Responses to Scania Stax

  1. Tasja says:

    is Scania Stax from 2012 and wnderig what the other mods are for that are in .rar

  2. Christer says:

    A little off topic but is Scania Stax a real truck or a concept truck I don’t think I have heard about it before I visited ETS mod sites.

  3. maddison says:

    This is just a reupp, not a rework. With the same errors, of course đŸ˜‰

  4. Serena says:

    Center of the dashboard where the trip computer is, remains black and if you type \i\ it crashes the game… Removed from my garage… Too bad !!!

  5. andenaes says:

    What can I say???? Just bad!
    It’s not working for me….. Sorry!!!!

  6. jair says:

    Where can i get this rims? i like IT!

    Thanks for the mod. it work for me in V1.19.2 !!Thanks!

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