Scania Stefan Elgers V8 Sound

Hello, I’m here with the new mod, the legendary Straight Pipe V8 sound mod works by scania rjl and scania r,streamline by scs, and you can delete the text 730_22 from the def engine, if you want, you can delete the extra 2 digits, all of the vehicles are 2000 horsepower

Patch: 1.43



4 thoughts on “Scania Stefan Elgers V8 Sound

  1. Markus Prinz

    why 2000 hp

    1. because it’s more realistic to drive @markuz

  2. Leif Knudsen

    Since you are so clever,why no sound ??????

  3. To create rjl file watch this directory and say store files in scania r file to rs folder then it will work def/vehicle/truck/ r folder copy

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