Scania Sties Ekeri Tandem Combo

skin for scania RJL 5 series + tandem and ownable ekeri trailer with skin for Powerkasi lightbox,mods needed:Ekeri semitrailer by Kast,Ekeri Tandem addon by Kast,Tandem Addon scania RJL by Kast,light and accessory by Powerkasi,RS Scania addons by Powerkasi;on highline cabin you need this ligthbox Sties by 50k link :



7 thoughts on “Scania Sties Ekeri Tandem Combo

  1. Gekurous

    what is the interior mod ?

  2. noelasegg

    prob private

  3. For some reason this mod does not work, not showing up in game?

  4. dahlberg

    what verison

  5. dahlberg

    what verison it is

  6. hvor får jeg sties mappe?

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