Scania Streamline Megapack


Scania Streamline Megapack by Punisher


-Put ‘Scania Streamline Megapack by Punisher.scs’ and ’50k_addons.scs’ or ’50k_addons Edited by Juli JH'(Contains Scania
table and new curtains) into your mod folder
(C:(username)\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod) and then activate them before entering your profile.
-The truck is standalone and can only be found in European dealers (UK Interior Variants are still available).

-The Topline lightbox is conflicting with 50Keda’s R2008 so if you have his R2008 active, it might be out of place,
However, if you disable his truck, the lightbox will be fine. Or you can remove ’50k_lightbox_topline’ pmg and pmd from ’50k_r_high’ folder in
Keda’s R2008.
-The Highline template is not the best available but this was because of a very unpredictable issue I had earlier this
year which is not really fixable and for that, I am sorry.
-There are some errors in the sideskirts but I will remake them in a new version coming soon, I did not want to do
it before releasing this version because it would have taken too long.

This is not the final version of this mod, there will be updates to the project in the near future.
Leave suggestions for updates on my Facebook page – The Punisher 3D Productions.

-Punisher -Juli JH -SCS Software -Anaheim and Mr.Poland -Shery0 -50keda -Chudy -Pawel


17 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Megapack

  1. Scaniadriver

    Amazing man thank you
    #### +7 hours at work.
    but little question …does it work with t longline too?

  2. Lot´s of mistakes with the mat´s. but the work is good, but not perfekt…
    Sideskirt´s? For what, when ur are installed…
    The skin, for what, when it doesn´t work…

  3. Game version?


  5. Game version please?

  6. Scaniadriver

    he shares his work with us it looks good and its v1 so…build one of your own or be happy with it and patient for fix.if really a problem

    1. Es ist eine kontruktive Kritik mein Guter. Also was wilslt du von mir. Sagte ja das seine Arbeit gut ist und ich kenne seinen Arbeiten bestimmt länger als du Gurke. Und er macht gute Sachen, aber es sind halt kleine Dinge, die sich eben häufen. Also geh mir net auf den Pisser…

      1. Speak English, you ###### german..!

        1. And when not #######? U call me ######…
          Perfect post for this truck…
          But, i think…
          No, i don´t say that now…
          Back ti topic…

  7. i want a skin please

  8. TheMaxRuss

    for which version of Tune? thanks in advance.

  9. Scaniadriver

    @hl calm down
    sergeant in english maybe something sounds little different;-).good that we have it others keep their work private thats my thinking.forget the small stuff..

    1. I said it´s good stuff or did i say it´s ####?
      I only said there r small error´s and sometime wil the game crash for so something. I´m a modder to and so i look at this small things.
      Sure its a good truck and the game don´t crash, but it can possible…
      Also calm down and see the positiv, he know that he made a good job and knwo the mistakes…
      In the headline u can read, give me infos for mistakes…

  10. Scaniadriver

    Now we have the point lol – i am no modder(at the moment)(know your name but dont know where taking too)….only little skinning sometimes and now learning blender only happy to have a good running,looking truck…

    so forget what we talk about man ;)greets from the austrian neighbourhood

  11. @dr_jaymz

    dont work for me… 🙁 crash all the time

  12. i lost my standart scania streamline sunvisor…..

  13. Trinidad34

    Great mod. Thank you. Just one thing : Euro 6 logos on the doors are not working. Please fix it.

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