Scania Streamline Red & Black Interior

Scania-Streamline-Red-&-Black-Interior-1 Scania-Streamline-Red-&-Black-Interior-2

Red & Black Interior for Scania Streamline Truck

Author: Ghass72


8 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Red & Black Interior

  1. We can see the interior from outside?

  2. sure you can

  3. This is the interior when I choose “Exclusive V8”

    I don’t know change the color like yours. :/ help me

    1. I want this interior, write the link PLS.

      1. The download link above comments.

    2. same problem when I choose either Exclusive or V8 interior.

      I’m using v1.13.4.1s

  4. @Pmyuow take some screen shots for the original interior then back to interior folder, look at each dds file to compare it with the photo shots u were took then choose the color u like to replace it (its so simple)

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