Scania Streamline Red Edition

Scania Streamline Red Edition

Tested 1.18 versions, with interior and wheels.

Authors: Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, hypia02

DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Zippyshare]

6 Responses to Scania Streamline Red Edition

  1. Shineslip says:

    Nothing new. Only chassis from Scania 730. Any tuning. Even interior things visible only from outside. Piece of ####.

  2. Jordan Clifford says:

    no interior don’t get this mod its #### I thought id found my new wagon to drive I was rong

  3. emil says:

    thanks guys, so i didn’t download this piece of ####

  4. Tiromaniak says:

    Can you link to the trailer?

  5. Patrik says:

    Can i do on the this truck in blender?? (sory for bad english)

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