Scania Streamline Reworks

Scania-Streamline-Reworks-1 Scania-Streamline-Reworks-2

– 2 Separate mods with new features for both trucks:
– 3 new tuneable cabins
– 8 chasis variants (4normal, 4 V8; 4×2, 6x2_4, 6×2*4, 6×4) with propper models (6x chasis models use the same base so no more problems with unfitted parts)
– Skinnable/plastic cab side panels
– Silver, black, painted front grills (in normal and V8 variant)
– Separate headlight models for normal and V8 engines
– Normal and V8 sideskirts for 4×2 and 6x chasis (fixed so no more strange light glitches or wrong-look textures – also work on unmodded ingame trucks)
– 6x chasis exhausts and sidestripes with lights
– Optional spoilers for normal and highline cabs
– New skinning templates
– Metallic paint support
– 3rd uv map – SCS skins support (including DLC skins)
– Most “stock scanias” skins fit

Author: GT-Mike


8 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Reworks

  1. Awesome!!!
    Please make it for all trucks.


    1. Joseph Alker

      He’s not gonna listen to you. He doesn’t even know it’s on here.

  2. Where’s the chassis 8×4?

  3. The 8×4 chasis is only available as an exclusive pack on the website where the mod was originally posted.

    1. Thanks, this is the very rare mods for streamline

  4. Hey mike,great mod! only thing missing in this game is a Scania 6×4 long-chassi!”That works” with most mods!

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